How Can I Improve?

How often do you ask yourself ‘How I can improve?’

How can I improve my business? How can I improve my service?

I recently visited a hotel and a representative from the hotel came to me whilst I was having a coffee in the lounge. Was I having a good stay? How can we improve? I was with my ten year old son at the time and he piped up ‘Please can we have some ham in the salad buffet?’ The next day the ham was there.

How can you improve? The only way you know how is to ASK. Ask your customers about their experience with your business. Get feedback. Both positive and negative. People, of course, will have different views and opinions on areas of your business depending on what they are looking for. Get a wide variety of answers and feedback from as many customers as you can. As I mentioned before, the personal touch was good. Just a very quick one off question. ‘Was everything ok?’ ‘How can we improve?’

Another idea, of course is the classic customer feedback form, but I don’t know about you, but I often feel these comments fall on deaf ears, merely stats popped into a computer. I may be wrong, but the fact is that sometimes I don’t fill in the forms that come with my bill, or on my coffee table in my room. It’s taking up my leisure time, quite simply I just don’t want to bother. So, a quick question is often actually less obtrusive and I think shows that you really value the customers response.