Can You Keep a Secret?

In all circles of life there’s always that one person who can never keep a secret. A gossip. Within a short time of telling that person a piece of information and telling him or her strictly not to tell anyone, the whole blooming world knows! A big mouth. It can be very intrusive and annoying, can’t it?

But let’s turn that round.

In the world of social media these are the best people to know. The big mouths. The gossips. The people that immediately share that new found piece of information, that new tip, that fabulous new hotel, that great new bar. They just can’t help themselves. These are the people you need to be following and sharing information with. Feed them with the right information and they will amplify it. They will push the information on, share it and thus increasing your messages reach.

We are Big Voice. That is what we do. We share information. We amplify your message. We are the ‘big mouths’. Recognise the big mouths out there and gravitate towards them. They are the ones that will help you. Watch out for them on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Interact with them and thank them for sharing your information, and in turn share their messages. Don’t forget that social media marketing is reciprocal.