Think Before You Speak – Sharing Relevant Content

Do you speak about any random thing that you can think of and hope people will be interested or do you really think about what interests you and others and share relevant and inspiring information?

We all know that one person that talks non stop. Yadda Yadda Yadda!!..They have an opinion about just about everything. A walking Wikipedia, if you will. They live to share information.  As I outlined in my blog ‘Can You Keep a Secret’ these people can be a great help when you’re trying to get your message out. However, today I am talking about the important of content creation. The content that we want shared. There’s a multitude of platforms and ways to push content out i.e. social media, websites and content curation services. One in particular is

“What is ( pay-per-lee) is a content curation service that enables you to monitor content and topics across the web, turning content into beautiful online newspapers and newsletters.

Once you tell us what type of content you would like to monitor, we’ll scout the web and present the content you want, when you want, automatically.

Our mission is to help ease the pain of manually scouring the web and multiple sources daily, by filtering, sorting and presenting the content you are looking for automatically, daily. can save you time by surfacing the blogs, sites and people sharing the same interests on a regular basis.

What is online content curation?

Online content curation is the organizing, filtering, presenting and sharing of the most relevant digital content for a specific audience. To surface content that means something to you, and your audience, requires both technology and people working together. A content curation platform can never replace the expertise of the human content curator, so we do our best to make the gathering part of curating content easy so you can filter and edit.

We believe that people (and not machines) are the ones qualified to make that final selection of content needed in order to identify the content that matters most to them, and for their audiences. We also believe that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in.

Why should I make a

Because can save you time. Our service is used by tens of thousands of marketers, researchers, businesses, and hobbyists on a daily basis for monitoring and marketing purposes.

  • monitoring
  • research, gathering competitive intelligence
  • monitoring industries, tracking competition
  • surfacing trending topics and content
  • identifying experts, sites and sources
  • marketing
  • an inbound marketing tactic; as a compliment to a blog, a daily newsletter, a shareable web presence
  • a quick way to source content for posts and campaigns
  • a community building tool
  • a tool to promote awareness around events and campaigns  “
– Courtesy of Paper.Li


So you can see, is a fantastic way of sharing information that interests you and reflects what you or your business focusses on.

However, the flipside to this brings me full circle to my original question. Do we really think about the content we’re feeding our ‘audience’ ?

People don’t just want to read a bunch of relevant information. Know your audience and be mindful of what content you are creating. Be sure that it is a true reflection of you, your business and your direction.

Note: Also see my blog of The Discernment of Social Users  where I cover this topic from a social media angle.

Content creation and writing takes time and focus and it’s easy to get seduced by content creation services such as who can source, format and deliver a beautiful looking ‘newspaper’. Don’t lose sight of the importance of relevant content creation. Don’t waste the opportunity to utilise valuable platforms such as  Use them well.  Monitor your readership and change your content regularly by editing your sources.  Be sure to share through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which you can do automatically in Settings. You will have to manually share the link on Google+  (this may well change)

In terms of maintaining fresh content on your website or social media consult a PR consultant or content creator to advise you how to manage your content input and social media effectively and economically, if you feel you need to.

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