Be Fearless (or as 02 tells us..’Be More Dog’)

Another lunch with some incredibly forward thinking individuals the other day threw up the conversation of ‘Fearlessness’.

We were discussing how so many people are held back by fear. The fear that it’s not the right thing to do, the fear that it wouldn’t work, the fear of just trying. This is like ‘black hatting‘ a project without firstly green, yellow or red hatting it. It’s like addressing all the negatives before considering the positives, the possibilities. (See references below)

In this particular case, we were discussing virtual reality, telepresence, augmented reality and so forth. We were discussing the reticence of people to really embrace it and commercialise it. The cup is about the spill over and we need to be ready and in brace position to ensure we can comprehensively utilise all that is on offer; a whole host of technology that has not yet been brought to the forefront of media or marketing properly yet. It’s trickling through, thick and fast, admittingly, the brave few are taking steps to integrate it into advertising and marketing, but the masses are still reluctant. It’s fear. The fear of the unknown. We all have our jobs to do, clear divides. “That’s not my area, that’s Janes. She’s in charge of events, or marketing or whatever”. Everyone has their job to do. But lines are beginning to blur. There needs to be more integration, cross referencing. We need to all red hat ideas, we need to mix it all up a bit. We need to learn to be more fearless….or as 02 urges us…. ‘Be More Dog’…


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