Social Media Training

Learning about Social Media doesn’t happen over night.You can’t expect to know everything immediately, so don’t get overwhelmed or worried that you’ll never ‘get it’.

Here at Big Voice Management we offer workshops to help you understand more about how to use social media effectively, both in terms of getting your brand ‘out there’ and the time spent doing it.

Workshops can be held at our offices or at your business. They are normally 1 hour or 2 hours and we can tailor the workshops specifically to your needs.

If you wish further information on prices and/or wish to book a workshop please click here.

We also offer Social Media Management. In other words, we can manage your Facebook business pages or Twitter accounts for you! Scheduling posts and setting up auto tweeting can reduce the amount of time spent on social media without forfeiting your reach or your brands message.  Please contact us or email us to discuss your needs.