Brand Comms & PR

Quite simply we help you create your story. We help you differentiate your brand from the others, focussing on your brands strengths and USP’s. We ensure your passion and your personality is reflected in your brand.

Think of it as building up a profile, a personality, a individual persona so your brand can build up long term relationships with your clients and vice versa.

We listen to the nuances, the little things that you or clients say that perhaps you might have missed and we build a strong story. Great storytelling is the key to PR. Engaging, creative and relevant content creation is the backbone to PR & communications. If there’s no story there’s no emotion involved.

It’s easy to fill a website with words and visuals but is the content truly reflecting the personality of the brand? What kind of relationship do people have with your brand? How does your brand make people feel?

This is what we at Big Voice focus on. Getting right into the heart of the brand and ensuring it has a strong, effective and cohesive story and message throughout all platforms.

We’re lateral thinkers. We don’t play by the rules.

We focus on what’s important.

Your brand. Your story.

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